Balneotherapy & Bathing Rituals

This can also be found in the Wellness Master Program 馃挄


the treatment of disease by bathing in mineral springs.

Or for most us, a bath will do.

Hydrotherapy Benefits:

Stimulates the immune system.

Increases circulation and detoxification.

Normalizes gland function and endocrine system.

Provides physical and mental relaxation.

Mineralizes the body.

The Art of Bathing: Create your own ritual

The key to this becoming a beneficial practice for you聽is the creation of you own, special bathing ritual. Light聽candles, bring a book, sip on some calming herbal tea. Create a quiet, relaxing space so you can take the full experience in. This is time for just you.

Add Dead Sea Salts

Benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts:

鈾 Remineralizes the body with 34+ vitamins &聽minerals.

鈾 Relaxes sore muscles & joints.

鈾 Soothes inflammation.

鈾 Stimulates circulation.

or Pink Himalayan Salts

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salts:

鈾 Remineralizes the body with 84+ vitamins &聽minerals.

鈾 Detoxifies by reverse osmosis.

鈾 Reduces inflammation.

鈾 Reduces bloating.

鈾 Creates electrolyte balance.

鈾 Increases hydration.

鈾 Boosts metabolism.

or any of your other favourite bath-time products.

Currently in love with the huge Lush selection at my house right now from the holiday season...

Just relax and enjoy some you time.

This time is for you. So light some candles, put on some music, whatever it is that can make this an enjoyable ritual just for you.

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