COVID19 x Mental Alchemy Wellness

Updated: May 13

Has it been a cool decade since my last entry? It certainly feels that way. I apologize for my absence, the plague hit Hamilton with a bang!

All you need to remember during a call for quarantine is to respect those around you, follow protocol, and stay informed via the most credible available sources. The scrambling, screaming, crying, etc. has mostly been unnecessary.

Please do not share ' information ' if you can't put the time in to verify sources. The spreading of misinformation has caused mass panic, greed, and general fear driven debauchery. I'm off to decompress from the stresses of this messtival. We seem to slowly be mobilizing. Hamilton is resilient and always has been.

Need a hot minute...

xoxoxox - H. Madison

All things considered.

(May 13th, 2020)

+ I've found that not many can hold a candle to most.

I'm trying. My best. And I expect the same if you run in my circle or anywhere near me.

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