Healing Is Not Linear: A Phrase That Could Not Be More True

I've been released from the hospital with no needed follow-ups. But, this just means that my new hardware is ready to allow me my range of motion back. Four months of movement restrictions has rendered my back muscles atrophied, my leg muscles inflexible, as well as to have completely locked my hip joints.

I am back to a regular pain maintenance regimen as I was after surgery. I need to maintain pain levels within bearable range, strengthen and stretch where and what I can, and intake adequate nutrition as well as rest. This is a lot to handle, once again. I get very tired, very easily. Then have bursts of energy, giving me motivation to exercise and improve gently. The inevitable daily crashes come as well, soreness and stiffness settle in, sometimes gloom arises and I feel frustrated that my body is going through this process, yet again. The bright side, you get to work each day knowing that today's progress will inevitably aid in your health and well-being tomorrow. Growth is a truly beautiful cycle, as is healing. I just have to remember I am working toward a better, happier, version of myself. Each day pain will lessen, and brighter, stronger, potential-filled futures become easier to grasp.

I so got this, YOU SO GOT THIS.

Just remember not to be discouraged by the monotony that can be felt during the healing process. You are growing, but it's not always going to go how you expect it to. Your body has the infinite knowledge of the universe. Trust it is doing its best to make you whole again.

In Love & Light,

H. Madison

HEALING IS NOT LINEAR: @thefrizzkidart

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