Medical Cannabis: Obtaining Your Prescription In Canada

Updated: Jan 20

Here you'll learn how I obtained my medical cannabis prescription & the up-sides to buying medical cannabis.

Due to my injury, I sought out the path to obtaining a medical cannabis prescription. This ensures you get clean, safe, measurable doses of cannabis so you can get the most out of the experience.

Shoppers Drug Mart & Hello Cannabis are the two companies that you can get assessed by and obtain prescriptions from.

Shoppers Drug Mart has their shop and selection on their regular website, Hello Cannabis links you with OrganiGram as the supplier. It was relatively easy to book appointments on each, Shoppers you do a Skype-like call with a nurse, Hello Cannabis just called my cellphone. We discussed issues that I’m currently being affected by: pain, anxiety, PTSD etc. Each call was about 20 minutes in length. After the assessment with a nurse practitioner for each, they fill out the paper work for you and you should be able to begin purchasing from their sites within 2 days.

What to expect after purchase

The packages came in a timely manner. Products were packaged well, perhaps a little excessively... But the product quality was high and I got what I expected at a great price. Consistency among their strains can be expected which is lovely when I find one I adore.

"Compassionate Pricing"

Shoppers Drug Mart & Hello Cannabis also have what they refer to as “compassionate pricing” if you make under a certain amount of money. This grants the patient 20% off their entire order.

Using cannabis has been a huge help in not only pain management, which I’ve used since the surgery but usually in oil form, but also for allowing me to relax a lot better. It’s very difficult to be inside a body that’s not working how you are used to and constantly in pain. I wake up in pain, I go to sleep in pain, if I can sleep. It’s tiring. But the cannabis certainly helps give me moments with much lessened pain. It’s also been an incredible tool to curb cravings from prior substance abuse issues. If you’re suffering in body or mind I implore you to check out these options and talk to one of their professionals ✨

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