Meditation For Beginners

An into for those interested in meditation & its practice ✨

Just breathe:

beginning your practice

Meditation is as simple as closing you eyes, and becoming aware of your breath. The gentle rise and fall of your belly, the ever-giving lifeforce we take for granted every day. Be here.

Meditation is a buildable practice. The more you try, and participate openly in this practice, the easier it will come to you in the future. 

Using affirmations or mantras and following along with guided meditations are a great place to start. A great app I use is called InsightTimer and has thousands of guided meditations to select from. I have listened to hundreds of hours of meditations on this app.

You reap what you sow. Life is cyclical. Plant seeds to cultivate happiness each chance you get to reap fruition later in the cycle.

Sow, grow, and reap throughout the cycle.

Just for you:

making it personal

If you have the luxury of setting aside a small area of your home for meditation, count your blessings! You can create a beautiful space personal to you that is solely used for meditation. Customization of this practice can come in more simple forms like burning a special candle. getting a floor meditation cushion, playing nature sounds etc. This is all up to you and your resources.

Let this mindset become your oasis 🌴

This here and now, is your personal oasis. A place of tranquility in your ever-changing, busy life. You can always visit this place, just close your eyes, and breath.

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