Must Have Mental Health & Wellness Apps

These are some mental health & wellness must haves! Tried and tested by yours truly.


InsightTimer is touted as the largest free meditation app on Earth. There's a free version as mentioned as well as a moderately priced premium subscription with playlists, courses and premium features.

Some things this app can help with include but are not limited to:

- Improving your sleep

- Coping with anxiety

- Managing stress

Meditation for Kids & Meditation Music are also large library sections of the app with plenty of selection.

Here's a look at the app and some of my favourite meditations in My Bookmarks.

Another great one for those interested in EFT, see WTF is EFT for a comprehensive blog post below:

The Tapping Solution offers EFT sessions for a variety of issues such as:

- Happiness boosters

- Anxiety & stress relief

- Chronic pain

- Cravings & addictions

- Emotional trauma

These sessions are easy to follow along with and take anywhere from 5-25 minutes. This makes it easy to select a quick booster or a more thorough practice depending on the ailment and its severity.

Here's a look at the Tapping Solution app and some of my Favourites:

I'll be frequently adding new apps as I test and see if I actually use them!

Will post updates...

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