Seeking Counselling: From Personal Experience

Some things to consider when seeking counselling:

Think about what method of therapy suits your lifestyle best. For some, psychotherapy in a traditional setting such as a medical office is the best solution. For others, online platforms such as BetterHelp which allows you to seek counselling online may be a better option.

Be choosy. Find someone you resonate with.

Effective therapy sessions are greatly impacted by your connection with your therapist. For myself, it took over three tries to find someone who aligned with my personal values and views. This is so important in helping you steer your life in the direction you want.

From personal experience:

When I first started therapy it was to help with my substance abuse problems. I would highly recommend face-to-face therapy in a clinical setting for this as it's a hell of a battle. But you can totally beat that monster with support and counselling if you are currently having substance abuse issues. I had to stop using, of course, after my surgery. This was hard but alleviated by the fact that I was in so much pain the mere thought of alcohol made me feel ill, knowing that it had its hand in this traumatizing injury. When you are almost paralyzed, or worse, because of substance abuse, its a lot easier, to walk away from. But it was still one hell of a hurdle.

Now I check in and have weekly calls with my therapist through BetterHelp, and it works. My therapist talks me through any issues and reframes them for me, reminds me that I'm healing when I'm low, and introduces me to new ways to keep improving. Her encouragement is so beneficial and I know someone understands me and supports me. And can tell me if I'm being cranky...

I have been sober for 4 months now, my body is healing, and my mind is the best its been... Ever. You got this, you just need the right support and tools to foster personal growth.

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