The Sims Taught Millennials Self-Care: Video Games Help With Stress Levels + Valuable Life Lessons

Updated: Mar 4

So, I'm stressed, obviously. I'm experiencing the growing pains of getting used to my post-op body while trying to juggle positive mental health as well as progress with my personal aspirations. Here's a little trip down the rabbit hole that is where the cogs of my mind are constantly grinding away... 🕳🐇💃


I'm a creative type, I love more than anything to be in my element, where I can be create, and make something from nothing. It empowers me, it gives me my force and my drive. This, is my path, and a path that will make me very happy, and hopefully, successful in all walks of this path we call life.


+ How to Use This Game to Improve Your Routine

The Sims is a game I have played since it was introduced to market. This alternate reality game allows you to create your own "Sim", your own human that you can control and act as their guiding force. In the Medieval version of the game, you are referred to as The Watcher. This gives us an early look into virtual reality and the new-coming technologies we are seeing being designed today. It grants you the ability to act as God (The Watcher, The Oracle, Traditional and Non-Traditional Spiritual Leaders) and explore what happens in different scenarios that are true to our world, or otherwise.
The "what if I" scenarios we all have played through our minds when thinking about what education we will pursue/ or not, where we live, who we create relationships and why, kinship and familial bonding levels, introverts vs. extroverts, weighing strengths and weaknesses of various traits and characteristics etc... All of these avenues can be explored by creating different beings on The Sims whether you model them after real-life personas or hypothetical frame-works that you are thinking of incorporating into your lifestyle to see what the results may look like.

So what is it we're actually doing when using virtual reality platforms modelled after our own lives?

You start to see patterns (behavioural, motives, etc. based on character traits), you learn to read different personality types (empathic response can be cultivated to share ideas, discuss progressive task activities to enhance personal knowledge of various skills and traits), and you start to see what true balance would look like in your life and where distractions are present, toxic relationships, and any other weeding you need to do before you can progress in personal growth.

Your life is a garden, with many areas to be tended. See post on the 7 Grandfather Teachings for some inspiration on what plants to water and how this promotes holistic wellness to keep you balanced and fulfilling your potential.


Be honest with yourself. Look at yourself, your lifestyle, your ambitions, etc. logically and break each individual piece into actions that can benefit each of these seeds you are hoping to cultivate and reach high potentials.


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