TOOLS FOR FAMILY MATTERS: Mental Health Tools to Help with Family Abuse

Are you experiencing trouble in the family? You've made a smart choice by coming here to look at your options.

You got this!

& have support ready for you. You are not alone.

Check out the resources below to help with family matters.


🔔 Family abuse - What it is and how to identify it:

🔔 How to help a friend dealing with family abuse or neglect:

🔔 10 places to go if you don’t feel safe at home:

🔔 Dealing with family abuse - How to get help and stay safe:

🔔 Safety Planner:

🔔 How to identify a safe adult:


💮 How to deal with conflict between family members:

💮 How to navigate and get to know a blended family:

💮 We are family - Family structure, rules and expectations:

💮 Dating, family and discrimination:

💮 Teen parenting - Important things to know:

💮 Understanding separation, divorce and custody:

💮 Living in care - Adjusting to a foster home:

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