TOOLS FOR DATING & RELATIONSHIPS: Mental Health Tools to Help with Dating & Relationships

Are you experiencing trouble in your dating life & relationships? You've made a smart choice by coming here to look at your options.

You got this!

& have support ready for you. You are not alone.

Check out the resources below to help with dating and relationship problems.


🥰 Quiz - How healthy is your friendship?

🥰 Quiz - Am I in a healthy relationship?

🥰 What is love? Welcome to the world of dating:

🥰 How to tell if your relationship behaviour is harmful:

🥰 Far and away - The pros and cons of long-distance dating:

🥰 Breaking up and living the single life:

🥰 7 ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day if you’re single:

🥰 Healthy relationships vs. unhealthy relationships:

🥰 Ramsey’s story on relationships:

🥰 Hooking up and friends with benefits:


🥰 Sex - The basics:

🥰 Masturbation - The facts:

🥰 Sex, fun and feeling good:

🥰 What is a sexual health clinic?

🥰 How to talk to a partner about sexual health:

🥰 Emergency contraception, pregnancy tests & abortion:

🥰 Getting pregnant - How conception works:

🥰 Birth control and STIs - Important things to know:


🤟What is sexting?

🤟 Sexting: Privacy and the law

🤟 Sexting and consent - Important facts to know:

🤟 Sexting basics - How to stay safe:


🌡 What is dating violence?

🌡 Dating violence - How to help a friend:

🌡 Dating violence - How to make a safety plan:

🌡 How to tell if your relationship behaviour is harmful:

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