TOOLS FOR SUCCESS WITH SCHOOL, MONEY & WORK: Mental Health Tools to Help You Be Successful

Let's boost you success levels.

You got this!

Check out the resources below for tools for success with school, money & work.


😊 Test prep - Study tips you need for your next exam:

😊 Make the grade - Improve study habits with these A+ tips:

😊 Homework help - How to get support:

😊 Life after high school - How to support yourself:

😊 Omar’s story on school and friendship:

😊 Finishing high school - What to do after graduation:

😊 Kids Help Phone’s ultimate back-to-school guide:

😊 High school 101 - How to prep for big changes:

😊 9 tips for difficult conversations with teachers:

😊 Post-secondary school - How to stay focused:

😊 What you can do if money is tight at home:

😊 Job hunting - Resumé, cover letter & interview tips:

😊 Budgeting, saving money and emergency help:

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