FOREST DWELLER Eco Tote Bag + Pouches Set

FOREST DWELLER Eco Tote Bag + Pouches Set

by Soul Flower Organic Clothing


This into the forest eco tote bag and pouch set will take you into a universe of bliss. Each of these items is designed with pine tree art and an inspirational mantra. Tote bag reads: Into the Forest I Go To Lose My Mind And Find My Soul.


Zippered pouches read: Into The Forest I Go. Carry this bag and pouch set out into a beautiful nature walk! 5.5 x 4.5 inch small coin pouch. 8.5 x 6 inch zipper pouch.


15 x 17 inch bag with 5 inch gusseted bottom. Fair Trade Certified. Hand printed in the USA. 100% organic cotton.


We and others in the fashion industry think it's important that customers ask questions about where their clothes are made. Soul Flower Clothing is manufactured in 3 different countries, depending on the type of clothing: United States is where we make our organic t-shirts, tank tops & yoga wear; Nepal is where we make pattern print items, tie-dyes, and bags; and India (where this photo was taken) is where we make our flow collection & about 50% of our women's clothing in a Fair Trade Certified factory. Each manufacturer is so talented at what they do and treat their employees fairly.

FOREST DWELLER Eco Tote Bag + Pouches Set

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