LAVENDER COLLINS Cocktail Lounge Highball Candle. Speakeasy Fragrance

LAVENDER COLLINS Speakeasy Highball Candle 6 oz.


Love lavender? The 6-oz. Highball Candle features the engaging Lavender Collins scent — and it looks almost good enough to drink.


One of our Cocktail Lounge candles, this hand-poured soy blend wax beauty will be adored by anyone who loves the scent of lavender and the color purple. The Lavender Collins scent features notes of fresh Lavender, zesty Lemon, and Lime juice, accented with Gin, Lemongrass, and Eucalyptus — with undertones of Spice, Cedar, and Sandalwood. This gorgeous candle will look great in any decor and provide hours of relaxing fragrance.

Burn Time: Approximately 45 Hours.


We research and design giftware and home decor into wax candles and decorative candle accessories since 2005! All design is done in our San Diego facility where we design our candles to match current trends. There are lots of candle lines, but none of them try to make a fashion statement or make a great gift as much as we do! We feel that great design and great customer service are our true value propositions to our customers, so we will make sure you are happy!

LAVENDER COLLINS Cocktail Lounge Highball Candle. Speakeasy Fragrance

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