MUSE: A Novel. Hardcover

MUSE: A Novel

by Johnathan Galassi


Muse is a love letter to the heroic days when books were ink-and-paper, publishers were outsize, outrageous personalities, and authors were gods and goddesses. Homer Stern and Sterling Wainwright are two old-school New York publishing grandees, professional enemies and life-long rivals over the work - and affection - of the beautiful and elusive Ida Perkins, one of America’s great poets. When a young editor who works for Homer gets hold of Ida’s last manuscript, mayhem ensues.

Publishing veteran Jonathan Galassi's elegy for a disappearing era in our culture is hilarious, wise and deeply affecting, a thought-provoking meditation on love and work that reverberates in many directions.


ISBN: 9781443433556
Publisher: Harper Collins
Language: English
Page Count: 258
Publication Date: 02/06/2015
Size: 7.86" l x 5.47" w x 1.05"
Binding: Hardcover

MUSE: A Novel. Hardcover

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