Rose Natural Aromatherapy Linen & Room Spray 8 oz.

Rose Natural Aromatherapy Linen & Room Spray 8 oz.

by Whispering Willow


Everyday Aromatherapy


Aroma can be a powerful communicator.  It can evoke fond childhood memories of love and safety, it can also enhance our mood, provide relaxation, and so much more.  

Our Natural Linen Spray is a wonderful way to bring the power of aromatherapy into your everyday life. Lavender on your pillowcases, Eucalyptus Mint in the kitchen, and Rose anywhere you want a light floral scent.  Or try one of our rotating seasonal scents to keep you in tune with the natural world.


Our linen spray is offered in a frosted plastic bottle with a trigger sprayer.  For best results give the bottle a little shake before using.


Net Weight - 8 oz

Note: The trigger has a tab on the side that will "unlock" the trigger to allow for spraying.  Your bottle may arrive with the trigger in the locked position.

ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel extract, essential oil


Our Manifesto


We believe in quiet mornings, long walks and coffee with a friend

In fresh cut flowers, date nights and celebrating the arts.

We believe life needs more wandering and even more wondering. 

We believe success isn’t measured by how much or how busy

but by how authentic and how true.

We believe everyday moments are often overlooked

And are always full of potential.

We believe gratitude is a muscle we should exercise daily,

And kindness should be at the top of every to-do list.


At Whispering Willow we invite you to slow down, if only for a moment,

take a deep breath and remember 

that caring for others 

always begins with caring for yourself.

Rose Natural Aromatherapy Linen & Room Spray 8 oz.

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