The Gaja Elephant Yoga Mat

Zuru's The Gaja Elephant Yoga Mat


Gaja is Sanskrit for elephant. We possess a certain wisdom that others tend to perceive as wise beyond our years. The strength within me acknowledges the strength within you, and I make it my goal to make sure you feel supported and safe. In fact, the more you perspire on my intelligent microfiber surface, the harder I work to give you traction beneath your limbs — so you can conquer each flow with confidence.



  • 26" x 71" x 1/8" (66cm x 180.3cm x 3.5mm)
  • 6.2lbs (2.8kg)
  • Ideal for yoga, power yoga hot yoga, pilates, and mild to intense physical activities
  • IMPROVED Sweat-activated yoga mat that builds traction as you sweat
  • Vegan microfiber top layer eliminates need for a mat towel
  • Innovative, ultra-absorbent open-cell technology for no mess or distractions
  • Biodegradable with colors made from water-based inks
  • 100% all-natural Malaysian rubber foundation designed to grip every surface
  • Eco-friendly: NO toxic chemicals NO phthalates NO silicon NO smells
  • Includes a shoulder strap for easy travel and use in restorative practices



We founded ZURA in 2016 and have made it our mission to serve as a catalyst for uniting and celebrating your mind, body, and spirit by giving you the tools you need to reach past the limits you set for yourself.

We recognize that life is messy and complicated and so is our journey through it. So, we believe in balance, not perfection; embracing difficult moments with the same grace and compassion as gentle moments; and showing up, because sometimes that's half the battle. By never comprimising on the essentials, we aim to serve as a natural extension of not only your practice, but also of you as an individual.


To accomplish this, we've created high-performance yoga gear that not only withstands the elements, but respects them as well. Almost all of our materials are eco-friendly, biodegradable, ethically produced, and designed with Mother Earth – and you – as our top priority.



By offering yoga gear that's both sustainable and high-performance, ZURA breathes its Sanskrit translation — warrior for good — into every product we create. From the essentials, like our all-natural microfiber yoga mats, to the accessories that help you push your practice further, like our nontoxic EPA foam blocks, we focus carefully on the details and craftsmanship of our gear and use only materials that are beautiful and mindful of the environment.


Artisanal Design

We designed our mats and accessories to mimic nature's bounty, incorporating elements and colors from the universe around you. From sunset pastels and crisp, clean lines to textured surfaces and naturally formed shapes, each of our products tell a story that's as unique as you are.


Naturally Crafted

While our products may look beautiful on the outside, we are so much more than just a pretty face. Much of the yoga gear currently on the market contain toxic chemicals and dyes that are harmful to Mother Earth. We think that contradicts the very essence of yoga, so we strive to redefine that standard and stand out from the competition. It's why we only use materials that come directly from nature in almost all of our products.

The Gaja Elephant Yoga Mat

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