Eco-Friendly Candles

Hand-crafted, ethically sources, and always packaged in reusable glass

Aromatherapy & Smudging

Linen, room, and aura mists to get your space cleansed and ready 

Meditation Room


Diffusers & Tools to have your space set up & ready to go



Whether you're facing mental warfare like addiction as I did, a newbie to distinguished mental health warrior who's bares many stripes, or for those who seek the path to personal growth, we've got the tools & resources. Watch the Mental Alchemy Wellness Channel to educate your best self or check out the Mental Health Toolkit by clicking here.

Grab your tea & snacks, get cozy & check the Wellness Channel at the footer of this page💕

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'Aloe Need' Wrapped Canvas Succulent Wal
Art Print - Universe
Copper Art Print- Sweet Clover
'Peace and Namaste' Inspirational 2 Piec
Copper Art Print- Love Garden 2
'Blue Sunday' 2-Pc Wrapped Canvas Coasta
Art Print - Twin Leopards2
Art Print - Stardust 3
Art Print - Stripes3
Copper Art Print- Golden Garden
Art Print - Best Life 3
Copper Art Print - Gratitude
'Abstract Spa' Gallery Wrapped Canvas 2.
'Field Day' 2-Pc Wrapped Canvas Coastal
Art Print - Living Woman3
'Sugar Beach' Wrapped Canvas Coastal Wal
'Big Palm Beach' Wrapped Canvas Coastal
'Into the Mystic' 3-Pc Wrapped Canvas Co
'Terrarium Orange' Wrapped Canvas Succul
'Terrarium Bloom' Wrapped Canvas Succule
'Bruce Bain 'Celestial Flower' 24x36 inc
'Awakened' Wrapped Canvas Succulent Wall
'Buddha' Inspirational Canvas Art by Oli
'Namaste' Inspirational Canvas Art by Ol


Vintage Matches

Match stick sets with intention & gemstone sets.

Sound Amplifiers

Accessories to bring your room together with functionality.

Plug your phone in to charge while you listen to your guided meditation, tapping etc. AMPLIFIED


Gorgeous hand-blown hourglass timers to easily keep track of time without disturbing you.

10 minute

30 minute

1 hour


 Cushions & Throws

Hand-crafted, ethically sourced & fair trade meditation cushions to suit your fancy.

Beautiful Objects

Accessories to bring your room together with functionality.

Mala Collection

The original mala 108 collection + sets to have you ready in no time.